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Financial Modeling Self Study Program
Self study LBO modeling, Merger Modeling, Acquisition Modeling
Welcome to Financial Models
Financial Models…bringing strategy and technology together to improve financial performance. Financial Models consultants are senior bankers and Business Advisory Professionals. Experts in their specialties… Business Advisory, Process Improvement, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Profit Enhancement, Branching, Market Analysis and Training. Our Company is structured with three interacting practices that together address the organization as a whole:
Credit Risk Modeling
Treasury Management
Econometric Applications For Business Analysis
Merger Accounting
Stochastic Calculus
M & A Consulting
Deal making should be an extension of a company's growth strategy. Deals fuel a company's growth under two circumstances: first, when they strengthen a company's current core business in a stable industry; second, when
Bank Consulting
Risk Advisory: Risk Advisory Practice is structured in to Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Market Risk, and Liquidity Risk Modeling & Basel –II Process set --up and Advisory Practice.
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